Lenodol Capsules

Lenodol Capsules

Aloe-beta® Lenodol capsules is a combination of the most powerful organic plant extracts that helps the body relieve annoying musculoskeletal pain, sprains, wrong posture, back pain, excess sports activity.

Promotes the functionality and flexibility of bones and joints.

Rediscover the joy of moving freely.

Natural well-being in a capsule thanks to the presence of devil’s claw, black currant, nettle and aloe arborescens.



It is the anti-inflammatory par excellence. It contains
harpagosides, molecules
that have powerful pain-relieving and calming properties.


Called “natural cortisone”, it stimulates the adrenal cortex to release natural cortisol.
It is a valid aid in reducing muscle pain from fatigue, promotes joint flexibility.

It is one of the most appreciated remedies for its anti-inflammatory properties.

A clinical study showed that ribes nigrum reduced oxidative stress due to intense exercise, decreasing levels of altered proteins, secretion of inflammatory cytokines such as TNF alpha and IL6 after intense and prolonged exercise in a group of healthy volunteers.


It is truly extraordinary, gives relief to sore joints, soothes in case of rheumatic pain, reduces joint stiffness. Numerous studies, published in PubMed (reference archive for scientific publications) confirm the fantastic properties of nettle as an antirheumatic remedy.


Certified organic aloe arborescens from Sicily, processed with the HDR method®,our innovative, effective and tested Aloe processing method, protected by industrial secret.

Aloe Arborescens: Thanks to the method with which we work it, “HDR® Method”, we are able to preserve 3 very important vegetable steroid molecules:
1. Campesterolo
2. B-sitosterol
3. Luteol
that perform calming and soothing action.
In addition to these molecules, acemannan and bradykinase also contribute to the calming and soothing effect.
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We recommend taking 2 capsules a day with plenty of water. To counteract the acute phase, in the first days, you can take up to 4 capsules a day.

GMO-free, preservative-free.

Keep out of reach of children under the age of three.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Organic Devil’s Claw, Organic Black Currant, Nettle, Cold Dehydrated Organic Aloe Arborescens.
Encapsulation material: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose


Pilloliera 60 cps.

All the properties listed are based on scientific, university and clinical trials. They do not want to create false illusions and / or promise miraculous healings, each organism reacts differently and therefore the results can vary from person to person. In case of pathologies, it is always recommended to consult your doctor. The same goes for reviews left by customers. If the results and / or resolutions of pathologies are reported, as already specified, they are to be considered for informational purposes only. The effects may vary from person to person.