Vincenzo, Nicandro, Marcello di Rocco

We are Nicandro, Vincenzo and Marcello Di Rocco, we have been working in the world of Aloe for about 20 years.

How did our story come about?

It all started with a magnificent meeting, we were lucky enough to meet Father Romano Zago.

Who is Father Romano Zago? The main popularizer to the world of the recipe of the preparation of Aloe Arborescens.

Often, when Father Romano Zago makes a stop in Italy, we have the pleasure of meeting and having a chat, and it is precisely in one of these chats of many years ago that the first idea was born.

The first sprout:

The first decision made was NOT to use the common Aloe Vera but another variety of Aloe much richer in active ingredients: Aloe Arborescens, a unique plant in nature for the number of active ingredients contained in it.

It may seem like a trivial choice but in reality it is very relevant, that’s why!
The various researches and the recent bibliography have shown that Aloe Arborescens is much more effective if we aim at a therapeutic efficacy of the product. And that’s why we are specialized and use only Organic Aloe Arborescens.

Since Nicandro was a veterinarian, the idea came to light to make dogs and cats benefit from the more than three hundred pharmaceutical elements present in Aloe Arborescens.

The main goal was to improve the quality of life of our friends in the animal kingdom as well.

Father Romano, enchanted by the idea, wrote us a letter:

Discover our Aloeplus line® for dogs and cats

From the first administrations the results were surprising, the effectiveness of Aloe Arborescens on our dear 4-legged friends was rapid and special. The first benefits were visible already after a few hours of intake.

From that moment on, we have dedicated our lives to the in-depth study of Aloe Arborescens and to the search for the perfect processing method.

Each of us has specialized in various fields of application, we have used the best consultants to make targeted analysis on Aloe in order to understand certain mechanisms and reach the ideal formulation of each product.

So it was that as a result of numerous tests and formulations our first product with Aloe Arborescens and carrot was born: Aloeplus syrup for dogs.

We were the first to create a product with this formula for dogs and cats. The syrup, containing the smoothie of the entire leaf, was not very palatable and therefore to complete our puzzle we had to find a method of processing the Aloe leaf that would allow us to extract all the useful elements present inside it while not containing the unwelcome parts of the leaf.

How did our processing method come about?

Sacrificing, in countless attempts, hundreds and hundreds of liters of Aloe.

For years we have been stubborn in finding a method that would allow us to eliminate unwelcome parts so that we can use this liquid extract also in cosmetic products and at the same time preserve all the more than 300 pharmaceutical elements present in the entire leaf and not only in the internal gel.

The cuticle, the outer part of the leaf, contains a huge percentage of active ingredients with anti-inflammatory characteristics. We could not leave this very high therapeutic potential unused.

The study on the method of processing the Aloe Arborescens leaf has been going on for a very long time without bringing the desired results. We really tried them all, we were giving up until, one day during a friendly chat with a friend friend inventor experienced in building equipment to make life easier for farmers, without his knowledge, he managed to pull the rabbit out of the cylinder.

He told us about the development of some details for the construction of a new machine that would revolutionize the way of harvesting olives, when at a certain point he made us turn on the light bulb.

The crux of the matter was all there, in a simple move, changing that stage of our manufacturing process would have been the likely turning point.

Although we were discouraged by the hundreds of failed attempts, we decided that trying would not be the end of the world.


What we set out to be the last attempt paid off.

Thanks to that modification we finally managed to obtain an extract of Aloe Arborescens in liquid form deriving from the entire leaf.

In 2006 we demonstrated the synergistic effect between Carrot and Aloe Arborescens so as to be able to patent the formula as
“Vegetable mixture having energetic and cosmetic therapeutic activities”.

We also dedicate ourselves to scientific research collaborating with the Faculty of Biotechnology Federico II of Naples, through an experiment conducted by Prof. Viola Calabrò on our extract of Aloe Arborescens.

Research has shown that organic Aloe Arborescens extract, produced with our cold processing method promotes cell regeneration. (read the experiment)

Over the years we have observed the birth of different needs, more and more people need to take Aloe without preservatives, without honey or alcohol.

To meet these needs we have studied a new processing method.

The method of cold dehydration: The dehydration of vegetables is one of the oldest methods for preserving food. It consists in extracting water from the food, doing so excludes the possibility of proliferation of bacteria and mold and no longer requires storage in the refrigerator.

What are the benefits of cold dehydration with HDR method®?

With this method we are able to keep all the active ingredients unchanged, guaranteeing the same effectiveness of the fresh product and a longer shelf life without resorting to preservatives and various additives.

No more Aloe sterilized at high temperatures, no longer pasteurized Aloe, no longer Aloe dried abroad and reconstituted in Italy with the addition of water and preservatives. Finally the joy of offering the elixir of long life, goodbye to Aloe distorted, modified or weakened by wicked production processes, and here it is the possibility of taking advantage of a very rich extract, with all the active ingredients present in the Aloe Arborescens leaf.

Our “holy grail” finally ready to be available to everyone. With this process we have managed to totally overturn the conception of the product with Aloe arriving at the creation ofAloe Arborescens in capsules.

With this creation we have said goodbye to the usual problems of homemade preparations, preparations with preservatives, pasteurized Aloe, sterilized, dried abroad and reconstituted in Italy with the addition of water and various additives.

To discover all the secrets, the enormous potential and benefits of

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We only process Aloe Arborescens from Italian organic farming with leaves over 5 years old.

Day by day Aloe Arborescens acquires a growing “authority”, thanks to its effectiveness it has managed to destroy the skepticism that revolved around it until a few years ago, this is confirmed by the fact that more and more specialist doctors use this fabulous remedy that nature offers us.

We work with a single purpose, happiness. Our goal is to be happy. We achieve it whenever the people who trust us in turn smile for having solved their problems.

To your well-being!

Find out why we only work with Aloe Arborescens

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