What is the HDR method®?

The HDR method®, is our innovative, effective and tested Aloe processing method, protected by industrial secrecy.
100% guaranteed

He was born sacrificing, in countless attempts, hundreds and hundreds of liters of Aloe.

For years we have been stubborn in finding a method that would allow us to eliminate unwelcome parts so that we can use this liquid extract also in cosmetic products and at the same time preserve all the more than 300 pharmaceutical elements present in the entire leaf and not only in the internal gel.

The cuticle, the outer part of the leaf, contains a huge percentage of active ingredients with anti-inflammatory characteristics. You cannot leave this very high therapeutic potential unused, it would be like squandering a treasure that you have in your hands.

The study on the method of processing the Aloe Arborescens leaf has been going on for a very long time without bringing the desired results.

We really tried them all, we were giving up until, one day during a friendly chat with a friend friend inventor experienced in building equipment to make life easier for farmers, without his knowledge, he managed to pull the rabbit out of the cylinder.

He told us about the development of some details for the construction of a new machine that would revolutionize the way of harvesting olives, when at a certain point he made us turn on the light bulb.

The crux of the matter was all there, in a simple move, changing that stage of our manufacturing process would have been the likely turning point.

Although we were discouraged by the hundreds of failed attempts, we decided that trying would not be the end of the world. What we set out to be the last attempt, has borne fruit.

Thanks to that modification we were finally able to obtain an extract of Aloe Arborescens in liquid form deriving from the entire leaf.

To be sure that the product obtained had real beneficial effects we turned to the Faculty of Biotechnology Federico II of Naples, which through an experiment conducted by Prof. Viola Calabrò verified that the extract of Aloe Arborescens BIO, produced with our HDR method® promotes cell regeneration.

The research was published in the scientific journal Phytotherapy Research.

The liquid extract of organic Aloe Arborescens is used as the basis for the creation of Dermofunctional Aloe-beta cosmetics.

The evolution of the HDR METHOD®

Over the years we have realized that our customers, regular consumers of Aloe, complained of some problems.

Every day always the same complaints:

  • I can’t drink Aloe because it’s too bitter.
  • I cannot take honey or sweeteners.
  • I don’t want a product with preservatives or alcoholic parts.
  • I work and I can’t take the bottle with me because I have to keep it in the fridge.

All the time.
Every day the same problems.

As usual, we have been interstarditi to be able to find a solution to these problems.

Starting from the study of the various techniques of natural preservation of food, we were fascinated by the dehydration of vegetables, which is one of the oldest methods for preserving food and consists in extracting water from food.

This excludes the possibility of proliferation of bacteria and mold and no longer requires storage in the refrigerator.

Immediately we were asked to think of the idea of eliminating water from our Aloe Arborescens extract obtained with the HDR method®, thinking that we had found the solution in no time, but as punctually happens, a series of problems have arisen.
The methods to dehydrate our extract are essentially two; freeze-drying and drying, but both have never satisfied us

Freeze-drying is a very long and slow process that allows only very small quantities to be processed with biblical production times.

Drying, to eliminate water, brings Aloe to high temperatures destroying many active ingredients present in Aloe, and this should not have happened for any reason.

We then returned to our Archimedes and together we began a new Odyssey.
After a myriad of vicissitudes and experiments we managed, finally, to get what we wanted; a machine that would “cold” eliminate all the water from the extract of Aloe Arborescens obtained with our HDR method®.

With this processing method all the active ingredients present in the Aloe leaf remain intact, ensuring the same effectiveness of the fresh product and a longer shelf life without resorting to preservatives and various additives.

The HDR method® wipes out all the problems you have with other storage methods such as:

  • Sterilization (use of high temperatures) destroys a good percentage of active ingredients.
  • Pasteurization (use of medium temperatures) allows a very limited storage (a few days).
  • Low temperatures that block the activity of microorganisms but resume as soon as the product returns to room temperature.
  • The addition of natural preservatives alters the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the product.

Also this time, to be sure that the product obtained had real beneficial effects,we had the University of Piacenza analyze a sample of fresh Aloe juice and a sample of dehydrated aloe with HDR® Method.

The result of the analysis is shown in the image:

At last:

No more Aloe sterilized at high temperatures, no longer pasteurized Aloe, no longer Aloe dried abroad and reconstituted in Italy with the addition of water and preservatives.

Finally the joy of offering the elixir of long life in a practical and simple way and goodbye to Aloe distorted, modified or weakened by wicked production processes.

Here is the opportunity to take advantage of an extract rich in all the active ingredients present in the entire leaf of Aloe Arborescens.

And here is our “holy grail” finally ready to be available to everyone. With this process we have been able to significantly improve the way of taking Aloe arriving at the creation of pure Aloe Arborescens in capsules.

The HDR® method allows you to preserve ALL the beneficial substances present in the leaf with important properties:

  • detox →
  • antibacterial →
  • antiviral →
  • → antioxidants

without alternating its purity and beneficial effects.

You can take advantage of a product:

  • 100% Organic ✔ (the entire product is certified BIO)
  • ✔ Not bitter
  • ✔ Has no preservatives and excipients
  • ✔ Has no sweeteners
  • ✔ Does not have alcohol (various distillates)
  • ✔ Allows you to take advantage of the enormous benefits of Aloe even while away from home, having over 300 active ingredients always in your pocket at hand.
  • ✔ It does not allow the use of aromas used to mask the bitter taste, which in many cases worsen the taste.

From day to day Aloe Arborescens acquires “authority”. Thanks to its effectiveness, it has managed to break down the wall of skepticism that was in front of it until a few years ago.

This is confirmed by the fact that more and more people including doctors use this fabulous remedy that nature offers us.


Because unlike our competitors who produce and market not only other types of Aloe, but also herbs and vegetable substances of various kinds, we are SPECIALIZED only and exclusively in the processing of Aloe Arborescens.

The world of this extraordinary plant is so wide, fascinating and full of new things to discover that one life is not enough to know all its secrets and all its potential.

Thanks to the enormous amount of active ingredients present inside, over 300,it has been the subject of studies for millennia and has earned the title of Queen of phytotherapeutic plants.

Working, studying and focusing only on Aloe Arborescens and at the same time creating an effective, tested and 100% guaranteed processing method has allowed our customers to obtain the MAXIMUM benefits from taking Aloe.


To your well-being!

The certifications acquired on all our processes allow us to demonstrate the excellent quality of our products, discover them now!