It is great and works well on insect bites. Put in the evening, already the next day greatly attenuates the signs and annoyances of mosquito bites.

It’s greatDario M.

The Aloe Arborescens gel I found very good and effective using it on dry skin of the hands that softens and in small quantities also as an emollient against facial redness after shaving.

Very good and effectiveDario M.

I find it excellent x many things not only those certified .. In any state where the delicate skin is reddened the gel comes to the rescue. Does my husband also use it x redness after shaving ?

I find it greatIris N.

I state that I had tried several Aloe gels of other brands. but I was stunned by this. First of all, I find the whole package innovative, since the pure gel in contact with the air becomes dark and can be moldy, this, absolutely does not take air to the product and is not wasted at all. I bought it mainly for facial spots and the same after 20 days, using it every day from its fruits, plus my partner also uses it who, being a welder, when he burns in the face, uses it to soothe redness. Really Good.

Really Good.Daisy C.

Excellent multi-use gel, practically a first aid at home: skin, hair, irritations, canker sores and much more.

Great multi-purpose gelRosanna L.