I find it excellent x many things not only those certified .. In any state where the delicate skin is reddened the gel comes to the rescue. Does my husband also use it x redness after shaving ?

I find it greatIris N.

I carry with me a perennial tiredness due to health problems. I read the info on Vitalit and after seeing the ingredients, all of Italian origin and certified I was convinced to try. I feel much better physically, as a result my mood has also improved.

FunctionalFrancis R.

This heat and the sun exhaust me, since I take Vitalit I feel better, even on the beach I suffer less from the heat and I feel less nervous.

TryJoseph P.

I state that I had tried several Aloe gels of other brands. but I was stunned by this. First of all, I find the whole package innovative, since the pure gel in contact with the air becomes dark and can be moldy, this, absolutely does not take air to the product and is not wasted at all. I bought it mainly for facial spots and the same after 20 days, using it every day from its fruits, plus my partner also uses it who, being a welder, when he burns in the face, uses it to soothe redness. Really Good.

Really Good.Daisy C.

Excellent multi-use gel, practically a first aid at home: skin, hair, irritations, canker sores and much more.

Great multi-purpose gelRosanna L.

I have been using Alore Arborescens capsules for a few months. I discovered them thanks to Macrolibrarsi that some time ago added them as a tribute on orders (maybe it was under Christmas I do not remember). I have always had regular bowel and these capsules really help me without irritating the intestines, unlike other more aggressive supplements. In general I feel better and more energetic, very recommended!

AdvisedCaterina (on Macrolibrarsi.it)

For years I used Aloe arborescens in syrup but the capsules are really better without side problems (such as stomach ache) and much more comfortable can be used on the go and away from home without problems.

The capsules are really betterGianCarlo B.

I replaced aloe juice with these capsules, as I read that some preservatives used in the juice can be harmful. I also wrote to the manufacturer asking if the mucilage remains inside the product or not (since it is an important part); they were very kind and replied that all the properties of the plant are maintained in the capsule for the particular process of dehydration they undergo.

I replaced aloe juice with these capsulesDaniela (On Macrolibrarsi.it)

I use aloe capsules daily, I find them fantastic they have solved constipation problems, plus they relieve me a lot of cycle stomach ache! Fantastic!

Fantastic!Roberta S.

I can not do without them, I have been taking them for some time and I feel great, aloe is miraculous for me who follow a specific diet. I prefer these capsules to drinking juice, also because they are all made with aloe Vera, while Arborescens is of superior quality. I take two capsules a day in a glass of water before main meals, I do cycles of 1-2 months, especially in seasonal changes, I take a break of the same time and then I resume. Great product, I will continue to use it forever.

EXCEPTIONAL!!! 5 starsAntonio (on Macrolibrarsi.it)