I took this product because I have a problem: practically my skin takes a long time to regenerate and therefore I find myself even after months with scars that take a long time to heal completely, but thanks to this product I found healing faster.

Really goodMarialuisa G.

I suffer from arthrosis and muscle stiffness. With Lenodol using it twice a day, my pains decrease leaving me with a good feeling with a more elastic musculature . Very good fragrance that reminds me of the creams that are used in newborns. Highly recommend

Really good productEugene M.

He was chosen for a dermatitis in the hands, with small lesions, very painful. I was able to see with constant use, that within a couple of days, the lesions had healed. Very good!!

Very good!!Annalisa G.

Already my mother had tried Cicatril with excellent results. Even a friend of mine, who had burned her finger while she was cooking, applied it immediately, even for another 2-3 times after some time and the next day she had nothing. I also tried it on a couple of wounds and they healed quickly without leaving marks … and also works on insect bites. Truly a Great Product!

I recommend it to everyone…Mark C.

It removes muscle pain within a couple of days. The effectiveness is superior to other products I have tried; nor do I always keep one as a spare! Highly recommend!

Great product!Luke A.

Tested on a muscle pain in the back with excellent feedback

Great productAnita B.

I took it for the quality and properties of the ingredients and because I need daily support. Very good.

Beyond my expectationsPaola B.

It is great and works well on insect bites. Put in the evening, already the next day greatly attenuates the signs and annoyances of mosquito bites.

It’s greatDario M.

I am a student and I wanted to test it on myself to avoid those moments of apathy and fatigue during my study days. Since I take Vitalit I arrive at the end of the day more charged and I feel less tired when I go to do my evening jog.

More chargeAlessia Z.

The Aloe Arborescens gel I found very good and effective using it on dry skin of the hands that softens and in small quantities also as an emollient against facial redness after shaving.

Very good and effectiveDario M.