Also suitable for my teenage son

Great productAnita B.

In the family we have been using this product for over a year and we are all very satisfied. It helped us a lot with the problem of dry skin, both of the scalp and of the body. It is a very useful product also for those who do sports because it has an excellent antifungal action and therefore for those who attend gyms or swimming pools it is really exceptional! The pistachio and pomegranate fragrance is also excellent!

Fabulous shower shampoo!Matthew V.

I use it to wash my face in the morning, fresh and delicate, I like the scent it leaves.

Good PerfumeV. Alexander

Excellent shampoo-shower and delicate fragrance.

Very goodENNIO C.

Gentle cleanser for my skin with rosacea. Great buy

Great buyJoseph C.

I discovered the entire range of products at a summer event where the company exhibited. This cleanser is exceptional, it does not dry the skin rather it moisturizes it, it is perfect for those suffering from allergies, dermatitis etc. like me who for years have had a problem of dermatitis in the hands, only with this detergent I can wash myself without suffering immediately after. I highly recommend it for kids too. I also used other products of the company all excellent I miss the flagship product: the aloe in tablets! I can’t wait to experience it!

This detergent is greatBruna B.