I took this product because I have a problem: practically my skin takes a long time to regenerate and therefore I find myself even after months with scars that take a long time to heal completely, but thanks to this product I found healing faster.

Really goodMarialuisa G.

He was chosen for a dermatitis in the hands, with small lesions, very painful. I was able to see with constant use, that within a couple of days, the lesions had healed. Very good!!

Very good!!Annalisa G.

Already my mother had tried Cicatril with excellent results. Even a friend of mine, who had burned her finger while she was cooking, applied it immediately, even for another 2-3 times after some time and the next day she had nothing. I also tried it on a couple of wounds and they healed quickly without leaving marks … and also works on insect bites. Truly a Great Product!

I recommend it to everyone…Mark C.