Skin refreshing.

Really goodVincenzo Di Rocco

Excellent product: leaves no traces of damp and does not dirty subsequently

Great productMAURO P.

For my cracked hands and with the signs of age it is a holy hand. Now they are soft and younger

Soft and younger handsLoredana S.

It firms and elasticizes, if used consistently from its results, it is absorbed immediately and does not remain sticky. If you are looking for something effective I recommend it.

Firms and elasticizesSilvia F.

Very good product

I really like itMarcello Di Rocco

Elastic and velvety skin from the first day The skin from the first applications is smoother and more elastic. It leaves a feeling of incredible softness. Easy to spread, it absorbs rather quickly without grease.

Elastic and velvety skin from day oneMarica F.

It is easily absorbed and leaves a pleasant feeling of softness on the skin

Easily absorbedRoberta P.

I have the extremely sensitive eye contour is the only eye contour that does not clean any problem, the skin remains hydrated and soft

Rattling goodA. Pucci

Excellent in pregnancy I used this elasticizing cream in pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. I was looking for a natural and effective product, I found it in this product because not even a stretch mark appeared to me. The smell is also good.

Excellent in pregnancyRoberta C.

For many years I could not use any cream on the eye contour for reasons of joy, now I finally use a totally tolerable product both on the upper and lower eyelid, it is absorbed without leaving a trace of grease and the skin is definitely more hydrated and soft

Perfect for sensitive skinRoberta P.